SharePoint Search and the SocialTagId Managed Property

I’ve been doing some work recently with social tagging in SharePoint 2010 and one of the things I’ve found is that on some installations the following problems exist:

  • On a tag profile page (MySites/tagprofile.aspx?termid=whatever), there are no documents listed under Tagged Items when All is selected.
  • When selecting Popular within last 60 days, the expected documents appear
  • When clicking on the see all results for this tag in search link, no results are found

These problems all boil down to the same thing – The search application has no data for the social tags in it’s property database. I’ve seen reports that an index reset and full crawl resolves this issue but I haven’t had any success with that approach.

So far, I haven’t been able to determine why the problem occurs. Maybe it’s a permissions issue between the Search Service Application and the User Profile Service Application? (The social tags are not ‘crawled’ in the usual sense, they’re extracted from the User Profile database and mapped directly to the hidden SocialTagId  managed property in the Search property database).

Anyways, I’ve found that deleting and recreating the Search Service Application resolves the problem.

Hope this saves some head scratching!

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  • David Gwyn

    We have run into the same issue with out SP 2010 Intranet. I’m in the process of recreating the search service application as you suggest. Any further progress on why this happens? It’s been inconsistent across libraries in our farm.

  • dmartin

    Yes, an index reset and full crawl works but the problem immediately comes back.  Repeating the  process allows the tagged documents to show up under all results; Clearly a bug.

  • Wes Hackett
    • chaholl

      Thanks Wes.

      I checked the crawled property mapping and found that it was missing. This does indeed solve the problem and is a whole lot less hassle than deleting and recreating the service apps!

  • Anthony Casillas

    this is the way the flow should work..

    > Document,page, or item is added to the SharePoint site… and then tagged
    > Example: create a site page called Skillet.aspx
    > Then Tag this Page with the word “Eggs” cause you put Eggs in a skillet :)
    > This item, skillet.aspx, must get crawled first before the SocialTag will
    ever get associated with the page you just tagged.
    > Once you tag the page, and confirm it is crawled, you then run the Social
    Data Mtce Job to flag your account as “dirty” for re-crawl during the
    > The People Crawl is defined either in your Default Content Source within the
    SSA or on its own content source, but the start address will look like:
    sps3:// or sps3s:// if it is a secure site

    > Kick off the People Crawl
    > During the People Crawl msssearch.exe utilizes the mssdmn.exe process to
    make web service calls to /_vti_bin/spscrawl.asmx
    > This is where we retrieve the SocialTags for users that have been flagged
    for re-crawl
    > After search does its magic and completes the crawl, its in the anchor crawl
    (the crawl where we fixup links..etc) we push this data into the Property Store
    DB and the MSSAnchorText Table in the CrawlStore DB..and propagate the terms to
    the Full Text Index..

    So incremental crawls of content (to pick up new docs that may be tagged) and
    people crawl we should be picking up and indexing the info…

    Hope this helps a bit..

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